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Our focus is on improving the quality of customer experiences in ways that create distinct advantage for our clients and their customers.  

Technology, data, and analytics are not the end game for us. They are simply levers we use for discovering and delivering meaningful connections that make a positive difference for people and companies.

The human side of data. 

We are all connected.

Our clients are interested in engaging their customers on a higher playing field of trust and understanding.   

We work with Fortune 500 companies who are interested in boldly using data and analytics to transform their business.



The maturity and experience of our consultants is what sets us apart.   Companies often put junior employees in positions where they have to broker agreements among senior executives without much success.     Our consultants can the handle senior executive discussions as well as the detailed conversations around micro-tasks – both of which are needed for technology transformation to be successful.




We know how to create a compelling vision that sparks org momentum. We establish belief in outcomes by making sure actions align with promises. We back up that vision by making it easy for employees to provide input while giving regular updates to let the team know that progress is happening.


Long-term Partners

Many of our client relationships span years and in some cases decades.   Once we engage with a client, we become experts at their internal operations, which helps us hit the ground running with every new initiative we lead.    We are flexible and can enter and lead initiatives at any stage - from strategic planning, to requirements and implementation, to testing and roll-out.

"You cannot transform your customer experience without looking at your employee experience.  They go hand in hand."


-- Patty Anton, Founder 

The Latest

The L.A. Trust for Children's Health Salute to Student Health Champion Award

Anton Consulting has proudly collaborated with The L.A. Trust for Children's Health to develop a custom app and proprietary data collection process that enables the anonymous linkage of sensitive health records with academic records, such as grades and attendance, without compromising privacy. 


This breakthrough not only allows for the measurement of the impact of school-based health centers on students' success but also advances public health research by providing a reliable and refreshed clearinghouse of de-identified longitudinal data for researchers.

Responsible AI Governance

As artificial intelligence gains rapid traction everywhere, businesses are faced with how to use it in positive ways for their customers and their operations – while putting reasonable guardrails in place. Whether businesses are aware of it or not, they are playing a pivotal role in shaping the ethical use of AI and its impact on the human experience.   So, what is the right approach for companies pursuing artificial intelligence? There are no easy answers, but it starts with taking a deliberate, thoughtful approach to setting up guidelines for the responsible development of AI capabilities. 

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