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Responsible AI Governance

As artificial intelligence gains rapid traction everywhere, businesses are faced with how to use it in positive ways for their customers and their operations – while putting reasonable guardrails in place. Whether businesses are aware of it or not, they are playing a pivotal role in shaping the ethical use of AI and its impact on the human experience.   


So, what is the right approach for companies pursuing artificial intelligence? There are no easy answers, but it starts with taking a deliberate, thoughtful approach to setting up guidelines for the responsible development of AI capabilities. 


The Power of Combining Health & Academic Insights

Improving attendance is the holy grail of academic outcomes because kids who are chronically absent are 30% less likely to graduate – and kids that don’t graduate are 8x more like to go to jail. 


We partnered with a large school district and children’s health non-profit to prove that access to a school- based health center increases attendance. When you consider that the cost to incarcerate someone in California is $160,000 per year and the cost to educate a child is $24,000 per year, school-based health centers are a wildly worthwhile investment. We built a and our proprietary, patent-pending database that de-identifies health and academic records before they even come into our database. Our unique process of collecting, de-identifying, and combining data allows us to make meaningful connections between children’s health and their ability to succeed in school – and in life.

The Value of Practical Organizational Alignment 


IT implementations rarely fail because of the technology.  

It’s when the human perspective gets lost, that the technology falls short. 

Organizational alignment and readiness is what makes IT projects succeed.  Often overlooked, organizational alignment is critical to the success of IT projects. These articles are practical applications of organizational alignment concepts that can guide companies to greater success with IT projects.

Making Sense of B2B Purchase Intent Data & Putting It to Use

There’s substantial confusion in the marketplace over the term “purchase intent”.  


The common use of the term tends to disregard important differences such as the source of the data and the characteristics of the signals it records.

Most Promising Customer Experience Management Services Company

We work nose-to-the-grindstone for our clients and don’t spend much time going after accolades.  So, it was nice when CIO Review asked us for our perspectives on the human side of customer experience technology and named us Most Promising in this field. 

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