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Customer Experience Strategy

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Organizational Readiness & Alignment

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Analytics & Measurement


Data Management & Quality

  • Strategic Transformation Roadmaps

  • Go-to-market Strategies

  • Customer & Prospect Experience Scenario Mapping

  • Playbook Development & Implementation

  • Quick Win Pilots

  • Business Case Justification 

  • Technology Strategy

  • Business Requirements 

  • Customer Satisfaction Surveys and Improvement Plans 

  • Upskilling for Artificial Intelligence 

  • Skill Set Inventories & Gap Analyses

  • Data Literacy Training

  • Process re-design

  • Rewards & Compensation Reviews

  • Knowledge Sharing Practice Improvement

  • Employee Satisfaction Surveys and  Improvement Plans 

  • Analytics Strategy

  • Insight Storytelling

  • Customer and Patient Experience Measurement 

  • Marketing & Sales Effectiveness Measures

  • Reporting Gap Analyses

  • Predictive and Prescriptive Modeling 

  • Analytics Requirements & Development 

  • Optimization of Reporting Tools and Technical Environment

  • Org-wide Data Literacy Development Programs

  • Data Storytelling Development

  • Artificial Intelligence Governance Guidelines

  • Data Governance Practices & Policies

  • Data Quality Criteria & Benchmarks

  • Data-driven Customer Interaction Improvements

  • Data Lifecycle Processes and Maintenance​

sucess stories


Large Insurer

An auto and home insurer decided to sell direct-to-consumers online and move away from broker-led sales. They came to us for an org-wide three- year roadmap so all functions could understand how they needed to alter their way of doing business. We collaborated with senior leaders on the strategy and created a future state customer interaction wall map that was 8 feet long and showed how each key direct interaction with customers required new processes, data, and technology. After delivering this project, they came back to us for recommendations on how they could streamline their online insurance quote process with better use of pre-populated driving record data purchased from third parties. They saved over $10 million on data purchases and the customer got a better quote experience to boot.

Hospital Chain

A vertically integrated hospital chain asked us to help them automate their patient experience reporting processes and software. We wound up reducing time to create reports by 40%. With their newfound time, they decided to adopt additional research projects and the company invited us back to restructure this department, complete a skills inventory, and re-define roles.

Financial Services Firm

We helped a large financial services firm measure advertising effectiveness across all stages of the buy cycle from awareness to purchase and across all customer interaction touchpoints (in-person, website, and phone). By defining specific ‘soft attribution’ principles and rules for which we fostered org-wide agreement, we were able to measure not just direct advertising (with a specific call to action phone number or landing page) – but we also measured the halo effect that tv, radio, and print advertising campaigns had that did not have any call to action associated. Prior to this work, senior executives were doubtful these insights could ever be available, but when they were implemented, this measurement discipline was integrated into all aspects of their advertising decisions.

Global Software Company

Data can be a source of great competitive advantage, but for many companies it is perishable and an afterthought. We worked with a global software company that had no centralized management of their data. The sales team did not trust what was in their CRM system and marketing did not have a good sense of the products already owned by their customers, so communications were often off-the-mark. We created a business case justification for a $15 million investment in a global data office and when that was approved we went on to build out the capabilities of this team. We put data quality benchmarks in place, established off-shore and near-shore teams to clean and update data based on geographic nuances, created enterprise-wide data owners, and established a senior level data governance steering committee. Their data became so trustworthy that the sales team stopped keeping their own private stash of customer information and the marketing team was able to develop reliable, world-class predictive modeling that identified cross-sell opportunities and attrition-prevention models that increased revenue per customer by 25%. After establishing enterprise-wide data strategy, processes, and measurements, we were asked to put a strategic roadmap in place for a "Big Data" team that was spun off from the Global Data Management team to focus on innovations related to machine learning. These innovations did not just serve sales and marketing, but also identified ways to create operational efficiencies such as: faster product development time and improved employee retention.

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